Back in 1964, as a production artist in a boutique design studio, Ben Herman worried about the state of the graphic arts industry. He noticed how a simple printed piece could easily go through five or more specialty companies, increasing chances for mistakes, miscommunications and unnecessary expense. He imagined the benefits of a company that offered all those skills and crafts under one roof, a single source that could produce practically anything from start to finish.

Ben’s dream became a reality as Graphics2. With the help of his capable and enthusiastic sons, Chad and Sean, the company became a unique marketing service provider offering a vast array of quality, integrated services. As clients began to incorporate more and more of the innovative communication and marketing services that Graphics2 offered, it soon became apparent that the company would need a new brand and image. The Herman family proudly announced the September 2012 launch of the new brand and company, Comark Direct.

In addition to continuing to offer the same great services Graphics2 provided, Comark Direct offers companies the real-time, multi-channel data they need to understand their customer. With access to a complete marketing supply chain, Comark Direct clients can deploy high-ROI communication and marketing campaigns.

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